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Surrender in Blackjack - How, What & Why

Never surrender is an extremely strong slogan in the war or in personal life. However, in the betting industry, especially Blackjack, it will really bring down the house edge!

Therefore, if surrendering is really a good strategy then you need to understand what it means to surrender, when to surrender and why to surrender. By understanding the nature of this tactic, you will have more chances to win in this game. In particular, you can apply this Blackjack trick to games at online casinos or land-based casinos.
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If you are wondering how you can use the surrender method in Blackjack for the best results, we will help you. The following article will help you better understand the use and nature of this Blackjack strategy.

Surrender in Blackjack

What does surrendering mean in Blackjack? 

Surrendering means if you realize your winning chance is very few in your hands, you give up your cards following the first deal. The principle of surrender is when you are having a bad game and absolutely cannot return to pay back, instead of deciding to continue playing and taking the risk of losing all your bets, you will retain half of the original bet. Then you can save your chips.

In fact, the most important thing when playing Blackjack is to determine from the beginning that this is a persistent game rather than a game that just wants to make big money.

At traditional casinos, if you intend to surrender, you can use physical gestures to indicate that you want to surrender without having to explain. Playing blackjack at online casinos is different, if you want to surrender, you can press the buttons or select options to implement this strategy.

Surrender in Blackjack1

How to surrender Blackjack strategy?

Late surrender blackjack strategy

Late surrender in blackjack is one of the common strategies in many blackjack tables. The main rule of this strategy is that after the dealer checks the blackjack, you can surrender and keep half your stake.

You can use this late surrender strategy regardless of how many decks and rules you use. However, once you have the 17 point or you are playing a hand and have the card 10 and 7, you only surrender when the dealer is having an A and soft 17. 

If you have 14 point:

- You should surrender if you want to against a dealer who has 10 points.

- You should surrender with 7+7 to defeat a dealer’s A if the dealer hits on soft 17.

If you have 15 point:

- If a dealer shows an Ace and hits on soft 17, you should surrender with single or double hands with your 9+6 or 10+5.

- With 1-6 decks, if you have a 9+6 or 10+5 in your hands, you should surrender against the dealer’s 10.

- Remember to always surrender to a dealer’s 10 or Ace if he hits on soft 17.

If you have 16 point:

- Surrender in single or double hand if the dealer shows an Ace owr 10.

- Surrender to the dealer’s 9, 10 or Ace with 4 or more decks.

- Only surrender to an ace without allowing a double after a split if you have 8+8 in blackjack and the dealer hits on soft 17.

Early surrender blackjack strategy

This is the exact opposite of the early surrender rule, which applies in both online and land casinos, but it rarely appears. Early surrender allows you to surrender before the dealer checks blackjack and this is considered the fastest and most convenient surrender.

Players can receive a fairly high return rate, respectively, 0.39% and 0.24% when choosing to surrender before Ace or 10. The improvements that players can receive will make a big impact on your playstyle and create winning opportunities. However, blackjack odds are increasing but are always 1% below the house edge.

Therefore, most players who engage in blackjack who use early surrender techniques will undoubtedly face rules that bring advantages to dealers.

You need to devise a specific strategy when meeting casinos that allow you to surrender early. This means you should surrender early if you have games:

- Hard 5-7

- Hard 12-17

- Pair of 3-3, 6-6, 7-7 or 8-8. You should surrender to a pair of 2-2 if the dealer hits a soft 17.

If the dealer is showing 10, you should surrender with:

- Hard 14-16

- Pair of 7-7,8-8 

However, you should note that these blackjack strategies depend on the version of blackjack you are participating in.

For example, if you can play a single blackjack game with 4 + 10 and 5 + 9, don't surrender to a dealer'10. Or in double deck blackjack, if you have 4 + 10, don't rush to early surrender a dealer's 10.


Why should you surrender?

Surrendering is considered a Blackjack online tip. Of course, the purpose of joining Blackjack is to defeat the house, this is something every player should remember. However, the player may have more opportunities to easily beat the dealer with tips or strategies, in which the player will easily reach a better hand than the dealer. That's why dealers are really very concerned about the rules regarding soft 17. 

If in games you can't beat the house edge because you have bad hands, it's best to surrender to that game and move on to the next one. As such, surrender plays an important role in blackjack strategy.

Of course you will feel frustrated when playing a game but there is no chance to win. But Blackjack is like that, it's a game of patience, so instead of taking the risk of losing all your capital, you can choose to keep half of your stake. Don't worry, you can surrender at any time at all online casinos Mega888 or offline casinos. You surrender to a game does not mean you will miss many games behind, because the great chances of winning and huge prizes are waiting for you ahead!